Stag Lodges expects guests to follow the government’s rules and keep abreast of changes which may affect their stay. Should rules be imposed after you have booked, meaning your stay no longer complies with restrictions, then Stag Lodges will offer you the chance to move your stay (subject to availability), defer your stay to 2022, or offer a full refund.

If the government imposes a nationwide or local lockdown meaning Stag Lodges is forced to close, we will issue affected guests with a full refund or the option to move their booking to 2022. If a member of a group contracts COVID-19 or is not able to travel due to a COVID-related reason, then Stag Lodges will be happy to move your booking to an alternative date subject to availability and proof of a positive test.

The Stag Lodge team will be working hard to uphold hygiene and safety standards. Guests are expected to inform Stag Lodges if they test positive for COVID or come into direct contact with an infected person during or after their stay. Stag Lodges will contact any guests or staff who may have come into contact with an infected person, following GDPR guidance.

Stag Lodges is subject to spot checks by the Regulatory authorities, with fines being imposed and potential shut down if the site fails to comply with COVID-related rules. Therefore, Stag Lodges reserve the right to enforce government rules onsite all the while restrictions are in place (e.g. dispersing groups if they exceed limits). If the team feel the rules are being broken or our guests or staff being put at risk, they will ask guests to leave the site without a refund.